The following are video clips of national television shows and local news which featured murder trials that I prosecuted in San Diego as a Supervising Deputy Attorney General for the State of California.

Video from Forensic Files about People v. Genzler: victim Dusty Harless. After Defendant Genzler's murder conviction was reversed on appeal, the California Attorney General's Office took over the prosecution from the San Diego County District Attorney's Office. I prosecuted the second trial with my colleague, Mike Murphy.

48 Hours television show about People v. Richard Tuite; victim Stephanie Crowe

12-year old Stephanie Crowe was stabbed to death in her bed at her home in a rural area of Escondido, California. The San County District Attorney’s Office filed murder charges against Stephanie’s brother, 14-year old Michael, and two of his friends.  On the first day of trial, a lab report revealed that droplets of Stephanie’s blood was on a red sweatshirt worn by a homeless man, Richard Tuite. At that point, The San Diego Sheriff’s Department took over the investigation from the Escondido Police Department and the California Attorney General’s Office took over the prosecution from the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office. I, and a colleague, Dave Druliner, tried Richard Tuite on murder charges. 

KUSI, San Diego television station news clip about People v. Richard Tuite

This video is about the testimony of Joshua Treadway, one of the three boys initially charged by the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office in the murder of 12-year old Stephanie Crowe.  Joshua was interrogated by the Escondido Police Department on two occasions, each for 12 hours. Joshua was taken from his 15th birthday party for the first interrogation.

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